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Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

November 15, 2021

We're pivoting this week. Long story short, we've been enjoying a rare visit with beloved family members from the East Coast and didn't get around to writing about bookkeeping as promised. (cue wild applause) We'll crunch the numbers in next week's issue. Meanwhile, we hope you'll enjoy this one.

  • "My model for business is the Beatles. They were four guys that kept each others' negative tendencies in check; they balanced each other. And the total was greater that the sum of the parts." - Steve Jobs

Help! I need somebody...not just anybody...Help!

Struggling with your new business? Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

We can work it out, we can work it out.

How To Deal With Toxic Personalities In Your Workplace

Eight days a week...is not enough to show I care.

The Importance Of Work-Life Balance And How Leaders Can Make It Happen

Got a good reason...for taking the easy way out.

Is It More Important to Be Efficient or Effective?

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Starting a Business With a Friend: Important Dos and Don’ts

There will be an answer...let it be.

How to Relax When You Don't Have the Answers

I don't care too much for money...money can't buy me love.

Why You Should Follow Your Passion Instead of the Money

We wanna hold your hand.*

We love helping clients take their business to the next level. Whether it's designing a website, handling payroll, managing social media, creating a logo, or helping you get that special project off the ground...we're here to help.

*Give us a call. We can make some sweet music together.

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November 21
Bookkeeping + Payroll (Take 2)

It's that time of year — time for making sure everything is in order, ready for the accountant, reports filed, records up to date. Want to talk with our bookkeeping/payroll team?

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