Let's just start with: I'm paying $149. For what, exactly?

Fair enough. You're paying for three jam-packed hours of instruction in a small classroom setting that will result in you having a fully-functional,  ready-to-launch website. The workshop will be in a meeting space in Charlotte NC; all instruction will be viewable via TV and participant questions will be answered live. 

So when you say ready-to-launch website...

Also fair. Participants will learn how to work with templates; create and update basic web pages with different layouts; lay out and style content; adjust fonts and colors; set up key functional components like a blog or online store; navigate the Squarespace administration interface; optimize site for SEO; integrate email, social media, and other tools to help grow your business; prepare and launch site. Does that mean that the website you create during the website will be THE actual site for your business? It darn well could be. But it probably will be something you want to further customize, and hey — you'll know how to do that when you leave.

What is the connection between Squarespace and Jan & Susan?

A good one. Just to clarify — Squarespace has selected a very small group of users who are "pre-vetted for their portfolio strength, teaching experience or the strong intent to teach, and personable, easy-to-work-with nature" — and these users are Authorized Trainers. We are not employed nor compensated by Squarespace. The workshops and webinars are not official Squarespace events. They're just good events. Presented by Authorized Squarespace Trainers. 

Where is the workshop location? 

We host workshops in Hygge co-working spaces in Charlotte, so the precise location may vary (depending on the schedule). 

Is there homework or pre-event preparation?

Yes, registrants will receive a worksheet prior to the event. This worksheet will help you get the most out of the website workshop. Please set aside a minimum of 30 minutes to fill it out before our time together. The more effort you put in ahead of time, the easier it will be to transfer to your website during the workshop.