From the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina to the Pacific Northwest, we’ve lived and set up shop in some pretty spectacular places. We didn’t invent virtual work, but we’ve done it from the beginning. Our “office” has been a stone cottage in a mountain town, an urban apartment next door to an NFL stadium, a former one-room schoolhouse, and a 100+ year old house in the heart of the city. For the first decade, our work took us across the U.S. and Canada. We met great people, expanded our worldview, and learned how to travel light. Now we’re happily settled in Portland, Oregon. All these experiences have served us (and our clients) very well. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


years of experience

Somehow we understood that technology and the internet was going to be our sweet, creative landing spot. It was and still is our office.



At least. We haven't actually kept a record so this is an estimate. "If you've never failed you've never tried anything new." — Albert Einstein

Started in 1995

Met while interviewing for a job. There's so much more to that story. Let's say it was meant to be.

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We start
building team2006

One of us was a visionary. One of us was a strategic planner. Both of us were organized. Doors opened.

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First design
client 2011

Web design continues to evolve (much to our delight) — but just like ten years ago, we're ready to deliver.

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We've learned a lot since then — but we were ready to deliver.

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6 Facts about Jan and Susan

We design for people.

We build custom products and work hard at what we do, but we design for (and with) the client. People before product design.

We have high expectations.

For ourselves, for our team, for our work. Whether the solution is simple or complex, the result must be excellent.

We are creatives.

We are not always looking for the fastest or easiest or most popular solution. We are inspired by new ideas and concepts.

We are organized.

We could not have any measure of success (or have survived) without being organized.

We are conscientious.

We aren't afraid to say no. We aren't afraid to say when things go wrong. Transparency matters.

We challenge the status quo.

We are proactive and unafraid to interrupt "business as usual" if the results help the client.